Lady Bird Deed

Lady Bird Deed In Florida

Also known as a life-enhanced estate deed, the Lady Bird Deed is considered as one of the best-kept secrets for estate planning purposes. With the help of a lady bird deed in Florida, you can avoid probate court, maintain Medicaid eligibility, reserve powers to yourself, and become eligible for the Florida Homestead exemption.

It is a legal form that allows property transfer upon death inexpensively and without probate. At Woodstock Law Firm, we draft the deed to gove you complete control over your property during your lifetime, and upon death, the property is automatically transferred to the designated beneficiaries or remaindermen.

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A Lady Bird Deed is an affordable Estate Planning tool to avoid probate in Florida. It gives the owner continued control over the property during his or her lifetime and transfers automictically to the remainder beneficiaries upon the death of the owner. A lady bird deed requires special language to be valid and to qualify as a lady bird deed.

Advantages of a Lady Bird Deed:

  • No Probate
  • Inexpensive and Affordable
  • The owner can sell the property at any time without the remainder beneficiaries
  • The owner can change the remainder beneficiaries at any time
  • No doc stamps
  • Does not affect Medicaid Eligibility
  • Property Transfers Automatically at Death


  • If you plan to refinance the property, the deed will have to be reconverted to a regular deed.

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